My family name is “Yu” which is not widely used in China. The character “yu” in Chinese always refers to something fragrant, flourishing, or even blue.
My given name is “Qiao”. The character “qiao” in ancient Chinese means high. Maybe my parents hoped that I could grow a tall girl with a gorgeous figure and that I would be excellent in many fields. Furthermore, in ancient China, there were two beauties named Elder Qiao and Younger Qiao respectively, which may be another important reason for my parents to choose this name for me.
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anyway, It is a nice name. Which part of China do you live in?
Thank you. I live in Shanghai. How about you, Max?
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One more from Shanghai. How lovely. Saw an excellent film about a famous artist (Chinese or Korean) which won the Cannes film festival. Was at the jing jang hotel four years ago.
my given name is ting!
in english it is the sound of bell, or something else.
but in Chinese it has its own meaning.
"upright, beautifyl, kindful...."
I live in Indonesia. Now, I m studying english in Aussie. I m going to take ielts test some time next month. Perhaps you could help me in writing. I have a little problem with it.
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you need whose help?
Tracy, if u dont mind, I ll appreciate!
i am very pleasure to do that!
but i think it should be called cooperation!
sometimes, i also need your help!
do you agree?
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