What does "Stratford's answer to Chuck Yeager" mean?


We each had our part to play in creating the Super Duper Electromagnet. Dave's part was to build it. My part would be to test it. Little Stevie King, Stratford's answer to Chuck Yeager..
Chuck Yeager was a famous test pilot. The expression means that the author will be serving as a substitute for a skilled test pilot---a poor substitute, perhaps, but the best the town can muster. It's a somewhat ironic expression.

Mrs. Smith's famous chicken casserole, made with canned mushroom soup, sour cream, and five chicken breasts, instead of the four less generous ladies used, was Farmdale Methodist's answer to Escoffier.

Another useful expression is "poor man's __________," which means roughly the same thing.
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So "Stratford's answer to Chuck Yeager" refers to "

"Stratford will serve as the substitute for Chuck Yeager"?
No, "little Stevie King" is the substitute for Chuck Yeager. He's the one who's going to test whatever it is.

Stratford is, I assume, the town where they live (or perhaps it's the name of their school---I'm not sure what you're quoting). As its "answer" or substitute for Chuck Yeager, Stratford is offering little Stevie King.
Thanks a lot.
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