when i was struggling at 21 yrs. old, all i used to do was write lyrics. when i walked pass the white people (no offense) i would think to myself, man, when i get a rcord deal, im going to have an escalade just like them, with spinning rims. my life was so horrible, that my girl would complain to me saying, "what could you do for me", and i thought to myself, nonthing, all i had to give was my love. all I could do was just keep praying to god, hoping all of this stress would come to an end.

no doubt, there was people who had my back, i didn't really have any family, all i had was my bloody waterz (my crew). when i was down they were there to help me up ( now that's a real friend). If i beat somebody ***, there were there to help me, i love them ( J-menace, nice,v.i.p., bullet, 9-millimeter, loke- dawg, and ash tray). If they have a doller, then i know i have a dollar.

what im trying to say is, if u struggling, dont give up, keep going at it, whatever it may be. If you falling, get back up,. as long as you have loved ones and god, then you're bound to get back up.

love ya'll,
Yes it is very important to have the support of your loved ones. I love the story of your life, keep on writing. Regards. Maj.
thanks, maj