My childhood wasn't like the white boy's childhood (no offense).My mom my brother, and i always mobed up & down the road on I-4 in a u-haul truck.We always got evicted.There was times when I used to sit up at night and cry for my mom, because she tried her best.I love my mom, even through the hard times.When I started hitting puberty whaich that was when I was in middle school, me and my home boys v.i.p., J-menace, bullet, ash tray, 9-millimeter, and Jimmie had a crew called bloody waterz (we rep our crew).Every body knew not to *** with the bloody waterz, we ran that school.We ain't sell drugs or nonthin' like that, we just had each other back.Before the bloody waterz were created though, I had a boy named jhonathan appelle.Him,my brother, and i were like brothers (we even had a group named tripleXposion.My brother and I were always writng music,dut jhonathan got lazy sometimes wit writin', but we ain't sweat it.one day Jhonathan started actin' real funny though, never knew what happend, til that day we never really talked.

For now though I'm an upcoming atrist,so look out for me.Plus my book called B.U.C is coming out (that was a little taste of my life, chp.1) so look out for that.

Advice:dont worry about what other people doing,worry a bout what u doing first.
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Can you tell us the whole title of your book?
the whole title of my book is B.u.c.
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What do these letters stand for?
B.U.C stands for buck, but i just spell it like buc.i put the periods in the buc for the title of the book because every period stands for what i been through
Where can you buy it?
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you could but it at barnes and nobles or best buy pretty soon.
Under which name?
What about amazon?
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