More quiet than hath it hitherto been.
The dull whisper of swearing
In the deepest recesses of the scene,
More quiet than ever before.
The stillness so overwhelming
That could not have been taken anymore.
The symphony remained free of staccato unclean.
The silence was still arousing,
Already twice as deep as it thitherto been.

Can anyone analyse this poem? I mean its structure, whether it's correct or not, what things need to be corrected etc. Technical terms please Emotion: stick out tongue
This doesn't make sense. In order to make sense it would need to be more like the following:

Now it's more quiet than ever.
I hear swearing in a dull whisper
coming from some deep recess in the scene.
But it's more quiet than ever before.
The stillness is overwhelming me
and I can't take it anymore.
It's a symphony of silence, that nevertheless seems unclean,
a silence that arouses,
twice as deeply as any arousal before.
It's a poem so I guess everything here is done purposefully, hence these changes ruin it (he/she didn't mention the 1st person, so I figure out that we can't use 'I' just like that). I'm not sure about the form, though (not very good at poetry, meh). I'd rather use 'it hath' than 'hath it'. The less changes, the better.