Hi guys

As said in the topic, I wish to know how to use "no matter style" correctly,

My questions

what can be added after the no matter, (what, how, when, who, where) These are the things I am confident that can follow the " no matter"

But what about ( that, which, whether) and the word "if" I do not think I can use it after "no matter"

Another question is "no matter XX" is equal to " XXever" style such as whatever has the similiar meaning to "no matter what" then what is the difference between them?

Much appreciate if you could clarify this.

And again, as a native spreaker is that common way to use "no matter" or "XXever" in the sentence

to state sth?

They are all broadly used except "that." You cannot combine "whether" with "ever." The others do combine with "ever." Other than that, they are all in common use.
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Thanks, but would you please clarify this " no matter if" Dose it right?

And what about whetheter?

Can you give me a sentence with "no matter whether" what is the difference between "XXever" and "no matter XX"


'Which' is fine to use with "no matter", e.g. "no matter which way you turn, it's a dead end". I suspect 'whether', 'that' and 'if' are also grammatically ok, however as a native speaker I doubt I have ever heard of their usage with "no matter" - far better to use an alternative word or sentence structure.

"no matter XX" and "XXever" are similar, but they also differ. "No matter XX" can stress an imperative more than "XXever" and has a slightly more negative feel to it. For example, "no matter what you do, get it done!" and "whatever you do, get it done!", using "no matter" sounds more forceful and clearly shows you have no interest in what the person does, you just want them to get the job done.

As for stating something, "XXever" would have to be more common (at least for me). I personally prefer to say "whatever you do, don't..." than "no matter what, don't..." because the latter sounds more harsh and negative.