I have a question concerning the Subjunctive Mood. I am puzzled when it comes to if (conjunction).

I have been taught that when we have in the first part of a sentence the conjuction if, we should not use will in the first past of the sentence. We should use will only in the second part of the sentence. Fot example, if Nick is not busy, he will go to the concert. But for a few times when I was talking to English people they used will in the first part of the sentences. So the question is if it is ok to say ''If I will be busy, I will not come?'' Can I use will after if. If a yes, in what cases? Please tell me.

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Greetings, Lena, and welcome to the Forums!

You are right about the general rule of using tenses in the conditional clause introduced by if and other similar subordinators. However, there is a number of exceptions which you should be able to recognise.

First, if you will/would is often used in polite requests, would being the more polite form:

If you will/would wait for a moment, I will see if Mr Jones is free.

Secondly, if + will/would can be used with all persons to indicate willingness:

If he will listen to me, I'll tell the whole truth. (=If he will be willing to listen...)

Thirdly, will is used to indicate obstinate insistence:

If you will play the drums all night, no wonder your neighbours complain. (=If you insist on playing...)

The example you mention does not fit into any of these categories, so it can be ruled out as substandard.

Respectfully (=с уважением), Gleb Chebrikoff
Hello Gleb!

Thank you very much for your explanation! I have understood now. Спасибо Emotion: smile

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You are most welcome, Lena.

Don't hesitate to ask should you need any assistance in linguistic matters.

Respectfully, Gleb Chebrikoff
Thank you Gleb. I guess you are Russian but as I see your English is perfect.

Lena876I guess you are Russian
Not really, my friend, though I've always had a deep sense of respect for Russian people. Thanks for a good note. Good luck in the Forums!
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ok Emotion: smile Your Russian name on this forum made me think so...

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