What a thrill!
The Swing!
The old Swing!
Taking me up with moments of ecstasy
Bringing me down the merories lane

I remember my first ride on my mother's lap
I remember my father giving it a gentle push
I remember my first bruise when I went alone
On the same old swing

The swing I grew up with
The swing I played with my friends
The swing I shared with my siblings
The same Iron swing

The smell of fragrances of the flowes
The sweet smiles of the boy next door
The tears of joy of my 'A' grades
Everything I experienced on the swing

It pepped me up
when I was down
It blew me in glee
when I was blue

It shared my happiness
in all times
It shared my fears
and also my tears

All alone in silence
I went up with the swing
With thoughts of everything
I came down with the swing

The innocent smiles of childhood
The sweet memories of adulthood
The responsibities of womanhood
All I have shared with the swing

The same swing
My favourite swing
Now old
Now rusty
Not swinging along

Just like me
Just like my life
which stopped swinging gladly
and is now all rusted
With worries and Tensions

No ups
No downs
The swing
Really old now
Its just a swing now
In the old garden
Of my memories.
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This is a marvelous piece. It definitely brings back a lot of memories.Emotion: smile
Thanks a Lot! True enough! Memories are really haunting.
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When I saw you this morning
wearing my favourite dress
I thought that u cared for me.

When I saw u smiling beautifully
Making my heart skip a beat
I thought that u liked me.

When You took my hand into yours
looking deep into my eyes
I thought that u adored me

When u gently brushed your lips
Against my blushing cheeks
I thought that u loved me

When I saw u wave your hand
And walked away with her
I thought that I had lost u

But when u came back to me
And declared your feelings to me
I knew I had gained the world!
Hello Anita

Which poets do you like to read?

You know anita, if he used to wear your dresses, you might have wanted to take a better look at "her" who he walked away with, you'd probably have found out that it was actually a "him"!!
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Mr. P. I love to read emily dickenson's poems, shakespeares' sonnets and Keats! I also like Frost's poems.

Guest, U understood it wrong. He didn't wear my dress but his dress which is my favourite. Got it?
Could you do an imitation of Emily Dickinson, Anita?
I don't know Mr.P. I have never tried imitating anyone. I even see to it that all my poems are in different styles if u have noticed it. But since u asked maybe I can afterall try writing like Ms. Dickenson.Let me give it a try!
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