The Swiss Language Academy was founded in Switzerland in 2010 and is today one of the most important language training organizations in Switzerland, with a presence across the country for multiple languages.Thousands of private clients and employees of both large and small companies, institutions and government offices have benefited from the LFG method.
The Swiss Language Academy comprising Learn French Geneva, Learn French Lausanne and Learn French Neuchatel recently expanded into Lucerne, Bern, Basel, Zurich and surrounding areas and collaborate with over 100 trainers throughout the country. Highly qualified native teachers provide language and communication training with the help of learning materials especially developed by LFG for easy French language acquisition and self-training.
We tailor our classes to your needs, at any level and based on the customer’s level of expertise. Helping you to learn the way YOU want! For children, teens and adults alike.
What makes us different?
1-on-1 individual in person tutoring
Semi-private lessons (1-2 people in a group)
French courses for companies: Group courses - Private courses - Executive coaching
Online lessons (various platforms- Zoom – Skype – Messenger- Wire)
Real flexibility: any day/anywhere Monday to Sun, from 8am to 9pm, with Skype follow-up
Intensive training (up to 5h a day)
French and German exam prep (DELF-DALF, FIDE/ TCF, Goethe-Zertifikat) and Swiss citizenship exam prep
Specialty French vocabulary and French communication: themed lessons based on business, legal, financial, medical, culinary and construction work
Writing classes to master the art of written communication (letters, emails, CV’s)
State of the art website for autonomous practice (over 3’000 exercises covering comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, at your fingertips)
A smartphone friendly tool to practice and improve quickly learn
Affordable rates and monthly payment plans
Satisfaction guaranteed: you can change trainers if need be.
Try our online free language test on /. Meet our awesome international team members and and get your 20 mn free trial! (on demand and availability)
For more information, please visit our website and newlingo website

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