Hey guys!
I was speaking with friends and I asked to myself what are the different synonyms of "buddy" when it means "friend" ?
And how may we call a girl with this kinda nickname ?
Thanks in advance.

You don't usually use this kind of term for grls, but if you must, then reasonably politely:
Baby Girl
Thank you for these synonyms Emotion: smile
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"Babe" or "Baby Girl" as a term for a girl, equivalent to "buddy," "pal" or "chum"??? Emotion: surprise Sorry, Feebs - not in my world! I could certainly imagine a boy saying of a girl "she's my pal" or "she's my buddy," but NOT "she's my babe" or (shudder!!) "she's my baby girl". I suppose if the context you're thinking of is more like "Hey pal/buddy/babe . . . can you lend me five bucks?" then "babe" would be possible, but it certainly has a patronizing quality that's entirely absent from pal/buddy/chum/mate. I think most women would take offense at being called "babe" or "baby girl" -- but there's no reason why a female can't be addressed as "pal."
Feebs I so hope you are pulling our legs there.

Mate is fairly unisex.
Well now, maybe it depends on where you live. I hear "babe" being usedf by the layabout young in the town centre quite frequently. They also use other terms which are not polite at best and distinctly unpleasant at worst.

I notice no-one seems to have come up with a better alternative Emotion: indifferent
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When one girl is speaking of another girl, then "girlfriend" is used to mean simply friend. (Note that a guy cannot refer to his Platonic friend as his girlfriend.)

What's wrong with the term "friend"?

A: I'm going to the mall with Karen.
B: Oh, is she your new girlfriend?
A: No, but she's a good friend.
Hmmm...now I think about it I have heard 'babe' used between women sometimes, but not with a man calling a woman friend 'babe'. That has a different connotation. 'Baby girl' I haven't heard at all.
If I am "just friends" with a guy I would prefer not to be called babe, that is too personal. I dom't want to be his babe, just his friend names like babe or baby girl would give me the impression more than being friends is on his mind. I would like to just be referred to as his friend.
If I'm with a guy and we are more than "just friends" then babe and baby girl are definitely appropriate.
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