The table displays how many people visited Ashdown Museum and the pie charts illustrate how satisfied they felt before and after it was renovated.

It can be clearly seen that the number of people visiting the museum and their satisfaction considerably increased after it was reconstructed.

After the refurbishment, the museum received many more visitors, from 74,000 to 92,000, a remarkable increase of 18,000. Noticeably, it also gained much more positive feedback from them. While before the renovation, just 15% of visitors felt very satisfied with the museum, the rating figure doubled to 35% after the work done. The number of those who found it satisfying also rose considerably from 30% to 40%.

While the museum enjoyed the much higher level of visitor satisfaction, the proportion of negative feedback decreased significantly from 40% for dissatisfaction to 15%, a drop of well over half. The figure for the people who rated the museum as very dissatisfying also fell half, from 10% to 5%.

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The table displays how many people visited Ashdown museum in the year prior to and year following refurbishment.The pie chart illustrate the details regarding satisfaction level of individuals who have come on the same year.

Overall, it is evident that there was a significant increase in the number of toursit after its renovation. In addition, the review of the sightseers were outstanding after the refurbishment.

Looking at the table in detail, 74,000 people visited the museum prior to restoration, and it elevated to 92,000 after restructuring. A rapid rise of 18,000 individuals was evident. With regards to the satisfaction level before rebuilding 15% were very satisfied, and it doubled when it come satisfied one. 40% completely got dissatisfied and around 5% of people have not given their response. But the following year after renovation, 40% of individuals remained satisfied, and 35% were very satisfied.Eventually the dissatisfied reduced to 15%. However, visitors who haven't responded remained the same in both year.

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purple lime 587The table displays how many people visited Ashdown museum

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