Which of the following sentences is correct?

1) The television is broken (again).

2) The television has broken (again).

Thank you.


Both are grammatical.


The television set is broken again.

This is grammatical.

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We usually say that equipment is not working.

eg The TV is not working.

The TV is broken sounds like it fell off a shelf or I threw it out of the window! Emotion: smile


Hi AlpheccaStars

I don't understand how "The television has broken" is grammatical. I see it similar to The glass (inanimate just like the TV set) is broken.

Please give your views.

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vsureshThe glass (inanimate just like the TV set) is broken.

That is the stative form. The past participle tells us the state of a window, TV set, or anything that does not operate. "Broken" can be used as an adjective. (the broken window, the broken switch)

TV sets (and other electronic or mechanical devices) sometimes just stop working of their own accord.
The present perfect (especially with an adverb like "again") form of the verb is fine to show that this has happened. This is a dynamic (rather than stative) form.

I understand. Thank you, AlpheccaStars.