I have a paragraphe from a text and im asked to figure out the thesis statement. Im confused, dont know which one is the thesis. and wt does it mean when someone ask for the support from a text

this is the introduction of the text

I cant even count the times in the last three years, since I began to express my concern about violence and sexuality in rock music, that i have been called a prude, censor, amusic hater, even a book burner. So let me be perfectly clear: I detest censorship. I am not advocating censorship but rathe a candid and vigorous debate about the dangers posed for our children by what I call the “sexploiyation industry.


and this is my thesis which i think its wrong " that i have been called a prude, censor, amusic hater, even a book burner"

is it right ?? can u help me?

You are right that you are wrong. I would say that it's the advocating of the candid and vigorous debate, etc.
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So the thesis statemen doesnt have to be from the begining of the sentence what about the support wt does that mean in a text??

Sara, I'm sorry, but I don't understand what your question is -"what about the support...?"
ummmm how can i say this,,,like how is the text supported is it by facts, examples, hypothetical examples etc. but i didnt find the text Online the title of the text is ( curbing the sexploitation Industry). how can i know what kind of supports in the text?

if there is anyone can help me with my text i will be thankful!
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