I believe that if you want to provoke students to creative thinking you should disrupt the comfortable balance in which their mind is. The art is how to do it without causing negative feelings towards the teacher. Somebody said:’ If you make people believe they think they’ll love you. If you put them really think they’ll hate you.’ With some students this may be a risk, but I believe that if thy feel the pleasure of progress in self-expression in a foreign language, their self esteem will grow step by step, caused by a continuous development not just in speaking a language but in being an more intelligent, more creative person too.

One method, that especially my intelligent intermediate- advanced students enjoy is to debate ahorisms about different topics that might interest them Here's a list of aphorims about succes. ( Alexander Oakwood, Bank of Ideas, Hungarian translation, 2002)


The ability to deal with human problems- that’s the key to success. The tricks to gain people- these are the universal tools whose possession is common in the case of a successful businessman, scientist, or anyone.

Every success is just a pass to a more difficult problem.

Success is the reward of those who seek trouble.

The easiest way to succeed is to make people believe that it’s for their benefit to help you.

The secret of success? Get up early, go to bed late, and find some oil.

Success usually knocks on those people’s door who are too busy to look for it.

Who is good at something is good at it because his failures make him wise. You can’t learn much from success.

Real success is when you beat your fear to be successful.

Nobody is unsuccessful who enjoys life.

There’s only one success. The one meaning that one can live his/her life according to his/her ideas.

The essence of success is you don’t have to come up with a new idea. You better wait until someone discovers it. Then you copy it, correcting it’s mistakes.

If someone doesn’t keep pace with others, he might just march to a different drumbeat.

Success is the greatest sin to our fellow-beings.

Twenty years are needed for someone becoming successful in one day.

Success has two main recipes- to make a better mousetrap and to find a larger fissure.

Success is a question of luck. Ask any unsuccessful person.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that the successful ones find their real forces and abilities. They find themselves.

There are no unsuccessful people. Only men and women who don’t know that they are able to have success.

The thing we call success is nothing else but having failures when there’s no one else around.

Success often depends more on determination- to take the risk of a leap- than on analyzing the dangers of a possible failure.

Success is on those side who are energetic enough to work for it, trustful enough to believe in it, patient enough to wait for it, brave enough to catch hold of it, and strong enough to keep it.

People with average abilities often have success because they don’t know enough to give up.

Copyright Dr.Peter Szabo, 2003
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