I'm preparing myself for a compare/contrast essay on this novel.

Basically I want to compare a theme (preferably the central theme) from the novel with a similar theme from another short story.

However, I've went through many compilations of short stories and I've had no luck. The closest thing I found was Hunky by Hugh Garner. This short story talks about courage, and courage is found in The Three Musketeers also...

Does anyone have any suggestions of other central themes found in The Three Musketeers?

Better yet, does anyone have any short stories that can easily be compared to The Three Musketeers, theme-wise?

Thanks A lot, I hope you guys can help!!
Hm...I am not sure, however....if to take D'artanian as the main character of the novel and being drown by his noble, lively and courageous nature I thought may be He can be compared with Quentin Durward by Sir Walter Scott. Also loyalty to their kings, bravery can be of common features of these two heros.

Anyway recommend you to review the plot of the novel Quentin Durward.

Many lucks!
Thanks again,

In fact, I was already recommended to this novel.

The thing is, I my project requires a short story

If you, or anyone else can help, I'd greatly appreciate it...

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