This post might not match the theme of this thread, but let me ask you for information.

I have been trying to find out the title of the movie which I had once watched on cable TV in Japan.

It was so interesting for me that I would like to watch again, but , I don't remember its title.

Well, its theme was the mixture of " King and me " and " Sound of Music " , a romance, family, and comedy


That movie was set in somewhere in South - Asian country, ( or African country ) I guess..

On its storyline, main character is a young American girl who was hired as a tutor for that king's children.

Although she faces many unexpected happenings at the palace there, and the complications with the palace staffs or King's children, she somehow overcome them with her cheerfulness and honesty, and wisdom.

Eventually, she wins the confidence with King, his children, and all the staff in the palace.

Then the king proposes to her, but she refuses it, because she made the false state ment of her past record.

( her academic record ).

She returns to the United States with her broken heart Her father ( he is a barber ) holds the welcome- back

party for her, but her sorrrow is not eased. She slipped out from the party room and sobs in the backyard at home.

Then someone holds out the Kleenex in the silver work box. it's the king who pursued her to propose her and

take her to his country.

The Happy ending. Emotion: smile

Well, The most funny scene is related to the fown ( or turkey ) .

On one scene, they have to prepare the dinner for the state guest.

They get the heroine to wring a chicken's neck. She reluctantly tries to catch that bird, but soon, she gives up

and says, " No, I can't . This bird says ," I have no intention to devote myself to my country ."

I bursted into laugh to hear that.

Well, if possible, I would like to watch this comedy movie again. So, I want to know the title of this movie.

Can anyone think of that comedy film ? I think it is American comedy movie film ( or British one?)

Thanks in advance.


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