Why do chiuldren cry when they enter the world?
To clear their lungs?

It is an instinct to cry over and over all through their growth

Listen to them crying, and cry too. They are fresh in this world and nothing but eyes

When they weep from their own hearts, I know peace
When they are given something good, I know joy

When you hesistate, when you scream
When the whir stops and the truth breezes by you
You can see it, in that calm.

And I'm watching you and my heart is breathing

When all the children cry no more, then your work is over.

Did you know it could be over now?
It's me who is crying.
Can't you hear the moon screaming?
Can't you hear the sea roaring?
Can't you hear the night thundering?
Thump, thump, thump
It's me who is dying.
Let's die together
Let's live forever

I'll whisper my secrets and pray it gets better