We are talking about the ex-twin towers of New York not about Tolkien's second book (nor the movie which happened to be made in New Zealand - I just had to throw that in)Emotion: wink

I read last night that they plan to release of transcripts from emergency calls and radio transmissions from inside the World Trade Center in New York after it was hit by hijacked planes.

What does everyone think about this?
The way you have put it sounds morbid to me. Don't tell me that you have played the video game, too.
It depends; what is their reasoning? It's a sensitive point, I doubt it would do anything but satisfy most people's morbid curiosity.
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I'm all for making more things public, but how do the families of the deceased feel about this? It could be a bit invasive, no?
If I had such a transcript in front of me, I myself would probably read it. And regret it and be chilled to the bone. But I would still read it. I am too curious for my own good.
i want information about the twin towers in maltese Emotion: wink [A] please do it or else i will be sadEmotion: crying