What do you think about The United States? Anything can be included from American culture to Operation Iraqi Freedom.
I am an American and native speaker of English so if you have any questions about The United States I will happily answer them.
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i am not american but i like american and 'Sex and the city' is my favorite DVD. i love it. it is so charming. my good friend comes from Boston, we work together, eat together, play together,etc.
i just wanna know why american take condom everyday.
you definitely have the right to be prepared for the best anytime, and they are ready for the best always.
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I don't know, i have never been there.Emotion: stick out tongue
It is a great place to live.
Well, I like any different places, but in Brazil...the people don't like of USA. I mean, a lot of imigrants aren't treated well (I don't know, it's what I hear), and other thing I hear of "not North Americans" is that they are very, very patriots and prouds. In my opinion exists good and bad people in any place, religion and culture.

I expect not to have offended.
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I would totally agree Idril. Good, bad, it's everywhere.
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At the moment there is a lot of anti-USA feeling in the U.K. A lot of us think Bush has dragged us into an unjust and illegal war, against the U.N.s wishes, and that Blair is Bush's lapdog. With all the revelations about torture etc being used against people by US troops, people being held indefinately, without charges or any legal council, in Guatanamo Bay, etc etc. I'm afraid that my opinion is that the US has turned itself into the world's bully boy. I'm astonished that they see themselves as 'defenders of freedom and democracy' when they act in a completely cavalier way towards the rest of the world. And they scuppered the Kyoto agreement that might just have helped stop massive environmental damage because Americans would rather consume most of the planet's resources and stuff everyone else, particularly in the developing world. It just seems that every time the UN gets something positive going on for the good of everyone, the US intervenes and stops it.

And don't get me going on the overseas aid programmes that have been curtailed because the 'religious right' don't want countries that have a huge problem with AIDS being told about condoms.

I'm sorry to sound so negative but, although a lot of individual Americans I have met have been great people, collectively I think they have created an extremely dangerous, greedy, selfish nation.

also Americans I've met tend to be a bit naive? A little less informed and educated than British people from an equivalent background. Is it right that over 80% of Americans have never had a passport?

On the positive side? Um, great national parks...
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