Which one?

The US have or The US has?

Judging from grammar, the United States have...because they are many states..

but as a single nation,

the United States has????? which is correct?
You asked a great question, seasurfer.

(1) Many years ago, Americans did refer to their country with the plural verb: The United States are....

(2) Then there was a big war between the North and the South.

(3) After that war (1861 - 1865), Americans started to think of themselves as one nation. So they started to use the singular verb.

(4) So today we say "The United States is/has...." Just as we say the Philippines IS a beautiful country (but the Philippine Islands are very interesting).
There are some countries whose names are plural. They are grammatically rather peculiar: they require the but the verb is in the singular: The United States is a large country. But: The Alps are in Europe.

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Cool Breezethey require the but the verb is in the singular
I don't understand what the has got to do with the question of subject-verb agreement.

The Hague is the home of the States-General of the Netherlands.

So to answer your question, the United States has . . .
Thanks everyone.
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Thanks for all the replies.