what does haven't had mean ?

I haven't tried

I haven't had tried
Anonymouswhat does haven't had mean ?I haven't triedI haven't had tried
There's no such form as haven't had tried. That's not correct.

Do you mean something like wouldn't have tried?

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Pls. try another example like...

I haven't had a car. ( HAD is the Vpp in the sentence)

It means you haven't owned a car .

I have a car - present simple

I had a car - simple past

I have had a car /I haven't had a car - present perfect

Let's wait for the authorities.

Thank you...
When you use haven't had tried, you're making an ungrammatical combination because you added the past participle tried. You can't use haven't had as a helping verb group for another verb.

You can, however, use the combination haven't had without another verb because in that case the first have (haven't) is the helping verb and the second have (had) is the main verb.

In the following, the helping verb is shown in green. The main verb is shown in blue.

To have: To try:

I have. I try.

I had. I tried.

I have had. I have tried.

I had had. I had tried.

I haven't had. I haven't tried.

I hadn't had. I hadn't tried.

There is no

*I have had had. *I have had tried.
*I haven't had had. *I haven't had tried.

Thanks CalifJim for explain.
I want to know if I have a car and I have had a car mean the same ?
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AnonymousI want to know if I have a car and I have had a car mean the same ?
They do not mean the same thing. No.

Here are some sentences that may help you to see the difference.

have a car

As of today, I have a car. I just bought it this morning. I didn't have a car yesterday, but I have a car today.

I have a car. I use it to drive to work.
I have a car. It is in my garage right now.
I have a car. It is an old car, but it gets me where I want to go.
I have a car. I drive to my cousin's house every week with my car.
I don't have a car. I take the bus to get to work.

have had a car - first meaning - the experience of car ownership in the past

I have had a car at various times during my life, but I do not have a car now.
I have had a car like Jerry's car. It was a very good car.
I have had a car like Susan's. That car always needed repairs. I'm lucky that I have a better car now.
I have not had a car like Karen's car since I was in college.

have had a car - second meaning - continuous car ownership up to the present

I have had a car for 15 years. I like it very much, so I am going to keep it for another 10 years.
I have had a car like that since I was 25 years old.
I have had a car since I began to work as a technical writer.

I have never had a car with a radio.

I have never had a car that was very expensive.