Could you explain the differences between “in” and “at” in the following
sentences? Thank you for your help.

Generally speaking, “in” take a larger place as its object and “at” take a
relatively small place as its object. For example, we arrive in New York.
We arrive at the international airport.

However, I could not use the above rule to explain the following sentences.
I work as a clerk in the gas station. The gas station should be viewed as a
small place. I work as a clerk at the gas station. In addition, I also hear people saying "i live in an aparment not "at an apartment". My explanation is that a gas station is a outdoor place where people work. However, a apartment is an indoor space where people live. Is there any other explnations.

Thannk you very much.
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It is not that it is a small or large space-- it is that it appears in the mind's eye as a point reference or as a 2- or 3-dimensional space. If the speaker is thinking of the vast city, he says I arrived in New York; if he is thinking of a point on the map, as opposed to other cities, he says I arrived at New York.

You can work at or in a gas station: it is a matter of whether you are viewing it as a point, a place along the highway, or as a structure and you're within it.

We say we live in an apartment because we are thinking of being inside it...living.
Large and small have nothing to do with it. There are many cases where both prepositions are correct. These are all possible:

I work at a gas station. / I work in a gas station.

It happened at the gas station. / It happened in the gas station.

To my ear, at the gas station treats gas station as a place of business; in the gas station treats gas station as an enclosure. You buy gas at a gas station, but you take shelter from the rain in a gas station. at the bank, at the post office, at the mall, and at the office all have the same characteristics. Using in demotes these places from centers of business activity to mere structures.

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Im writing a book report and I want to say at the end,

"So that was my book report. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it."

"So that is my book report. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it."

Are they both right? Thanks
If you are writing the report, neither of those sentences is appropriate. Omit them.
What is more important is your involvement with the thing for example if u say
"I'm at university." or "I'm in university." , both the structure are correct but vary in degree of involvement. "in" is higher degree of involvement whereas "at" is cursory.
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how about, what's more correct?
> you're good AT expressing yourself. ? or > you're good IN expressing yourself?

'At' is the standard word.

"In addition, I also hear people saying..."
I believe "also" is redundant.
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