The usage of "share" as a noun. Is it correct to say,

"She has a several bars of chocolate. I can get the share from her."

Not exactly. it's not clear what "the share" in your example refers to. More appropriate would be, "Remember, I paid for half of the chocolate -- I'll take my share now, please." Or "The chocolate is for all of you -- please give your sister and brother their shares!" A share is usually something you're entitled to, not just something someone decides to give you.
hi, Khoff

thanks for your advice. But i still have a question.

So, it's not correct to say, like " .... to get a share from XXX"?
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As a noun, You can say " I bought 50 shares of IBM stock "
I worked hard on the project, "where is my share of the profit? "
miyabiSo, it's not correct to say, like " .. to get a share from XXX"?
Is XXX a person or a company?

Can I have a share of your candy bar? (reply) Naw. Go get a share from Eddie.

I have no problem with this. The question of whether the first speaker is entitled to a share is not addressed.

Of course, the second speaker could have said, "Naw. I gave your share to Eddie."
Thanks you for all your advice. I learned a lot from you Emotion: smile
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The beauty of sharing and sharing education have become an integral part of early education in some communities - i.e., kindergarten and first grade. My youngest boy was so impressed he would bring it up when I would lecture him for taking my car without asking.
I mention this in connection with the entitlement issue. Children now consider the right to a share as God given.