I have a problem understanding the use of "any"

for example here,is it correct to say: I had not any money?

Can anyone explain more about its use?

I would say either;
(1) I had no money.
(2) I didn't have any money.

You may use "any" in a question.

Do you have any money?

Are there any banks in the area?

Any questions?

You may also use it when replying in the negative.

No, I don't have any.

Nope, there aren't any.

Nah, I haven't got any.

It's ungrammatical to use it when answering in the affirmative.

Wrong: Yes, I have any.

Wrong: Yes, there are any.

Wrong: Yup, I've got any.
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yes,you´re right Paco.

I got a little bit confused but now I´m sure about the use of "any"...sometimes too much grammar makes me go nuts!
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thanks Erin

very clear now...