Can you please tell me if the use of will is OK here, since negotiation is not an random event but something planned in advance and arranged. Should I perhaps use going to or continuous here:

In this phase, not only organizational needs but also individual characteristics and needs of persons who will participate in negotiations should be taken into consideration.
WILL sounds ok with me... But I'm not a native speaker...

You could avoid using the word 'need' twice in a row by using 'requirements'. Something like '... not only organisational requirements but also individual needs...'. Just a minor adjustment... I'm a picky person as you can see...
Thank you Waiti,Emotion: smile

But can I use requirements if the needsin question are part of hiearchy of needs by A. Maslow? The author tries to apply Maslow's theory of human needs on the process of negotiation.Emotion: thinking
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You are right... Probably not such a good idea to try to replace the word 'need' if it is the wording used by the author you are referring to.

You seem a very active person in this forum... What do you do for a living ? Does it involve translating stuff like that all the time ? What's your native language ?
I'm 26. I graduated from Univeristy of Rijeka in Croatia two years ago. I'm a teacher of English language and literature and I worked for a year and a half in school. I'm a postgraduate student of translations studies. At the moment, I'm working on my thesis. I have to translate six different texts: medicine, law, economy, film, etc. Recently I've finished translating a cookbook and I work as a free-lance translator. I occasionally work for a theatre company and others willing to pay for my services:) That's it! What about you?
...and I've always thought Rijeka would be in Slovenia... My mistake... I've learned something today...

I'm a french guy working for 'corporate america' in the center of France. My field is mostly computer science...

...and I'm a little bit older than you :-)
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I thought you were from Hawaii or something, beats me why:) Perhaps it is your nick.
... so sorry to disappoint you... and I don't surf the pacific swell... only the internet... way less glamorous...
You didn't disappoint me, at all. I'm very greatful for your posts:)
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