Hi all

I 'm coming from Hong Kong and I have many problem in studying English.

I found the word "being" is very common in expressing something such as "People are being suffered" . Could anybody tell me how to use the word correctly ?


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(X) People are being suffered is incorrect as an isolated sentence. The -ing form of the verb be has as a number of uses-- too many to go into detail here:

Human beings are impatient creatures.
I enjoy being a girl. (
cf. I enjoy eating sandwiches)
Are you being funny? (
cf. You're acting crazy)
Being human is not as good as being divine. (
cf. Eating sandwiches is healthy)
Being human, I am not divine. (
cf. Carrying a pistol, I feel divine)
There is little difference between Being and Nothingness.


If you find particular instances in context that you need help with, Keith, please let us know.
please explain detail about the word ' being '

i could not understand it
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My previous post was more than two years ago, and it was directed to another student.

Being generally acts like any other participle (sitting, thinking, going, etc). Please tell me more specifically what you do not understand.
i dont how to use this word. i know its show existence but i dont know how to use
Hi everybody, i'm new in here and poor in English,seeking some helps.
"all that he caught being over a foot in length". I didn't understand ,here, meaning "being".
Another sentence; "He was being nice to me". Not clear to me as well.
Would anyone be able to clear up my confusion of using word "being". I'm expecting someone will give me all possible usages of "being" with suitable examples. I appreciate your time and efforts.
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I have already given you some uses and examples above. No one has time to give you 'all possible' uses.

All that he caught being over a foot in length-- 'Being' means 'existing': all were over 12 inches long

He was being nice to me-- Being = acting.
bcz this is a passive voice sentence
what form of verb is used after "be" ? third form of verb or first form of verb with "ing"
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