Hi all.

I a bit not understand the following sentence, it sounds strange for me. Could anyone help me and give clear explanation?

Are you seeing him this weekend?

I know that the verb ‘see’, like other verbs - hear, smell etc., not be used in progressive tenses, but the verb 'see' can be used with future tense meaning, e.g. for arrangements. This sentence means ‘having a meeting with’, I suppose.

For example:

I have a personal arrangement. -->> I am seeing Mike this weekend.

Can my friend ask me about my personal arrangement that I have above? Is this sentence correct?

Are you seeing him this weekend?

Or maybe I stand on the wrong track... Emotion: embarrassed

Thank you

You're right, it means meeting with him, and your sentence is correct. It's more often used to say that you are having a date with him.

Without specifics it definitely means that you are dating him. "I am seeing Mike."
I disagree that it implies dating if specifics are not given. A meeting is implied, not the purpose of the meeting, whether business, pleasure, or anything in between.

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I just wanted to point out that it can be taken that way. It really depends on the context.
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