Hello, all

I have stumbled across a sentence using "leak" in a such way that I cannot make out its meaning.

«Gravel filled a crack in the rock. It was stained red. We followed the trail of redness, skittered over the granite and found, nestled under an overhang, the corpse that had leaked all over the rocks.

It was dead, did not smell, was old, wore rich colored clothes hanging in tatters and stains, had arrow-marks all over. This was why we should not have come here. This was what happened to strangers. We felt like climbing into the pocket of rock in which it had died, hiding there until the mist cleared. The mist never clears here. The corpse's fingers clung to a book as the corpse clung to the rocks.»

Would you please explain to me the meaning?

It must mean that it had leaked blood. In other words, blood had flowed out of it.
Oh, I should have come to it by myself. Desperately lacking experience.

Thank you very much )