I was at _____ train station when you called me.
Are you going to ____ beach this afternoon?

I saw the above excercise on the vs zero article. I got all right but didn't understand the rule for using "the" and not the "zero article".
Jigneshbharatididn't understand the rule

There is no rule. You go to the beach, but you go to school, for example. You'll just have to learn the correct expressions.


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Jigneshbharatididn't understand the rule for using "the" and not the "zero article".

Given a choice between 'the' and the zero article, always use 'the' before a singular countable common noun.

Both 'train station' and 'beach' are singular countable common nouns.

Memorize the handful of exceptions that can be used idiomatically with the zero article. Some that come to mind immediately:

school, church, college, work, jail, prison
British only: hospital, university


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CalifJim Some that come to mind immediately:school, church, college, work, jail, prison

Those are the ones taught to students in school. However, there's no end to them:

It was the first shot on target.

He has match point.

The case was settled out of court.


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