Hello my dear friends...I've Written a song after reading the story ' The War Of The Worlds ' ...So I hope you'll like my song...Enjoy![8]

When you see that the end arrive..

When you see that the wars full the life..

When you know that you'll never see the sun shine again..

Then you know,Then you know..It's the war of the worlds

When the smile disappear from faces..

When you can't recognise your friends..

Don't cry,Don't cry..it's not over

When you wake at the night..

When you see it's soo dark..

Then I'll be,Then I'll be..By your side my friend

So when the clouds turn to rain..

When the trees grows up..

When the sun starts to shine..

Then you'll never walk alone..Then you'll never walk Alone...

It's not that much Emotion: starbut i hope you've liked it..

I'm willing to regard it as a poem !a perfect verse !
oh thank you ..
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Oh this poem is Great!! Congratulations for this beautiful poem...
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