The way this movie expresses deep sadness is awesome.

Is my sentence grammatically correct?
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Yes, but the vocabulary is a little tacky. (I believe "awsome" is considered slang - although when the Pope recently visited the US and gave an address, the President shook his hand and reportedly said something like, "Thank you, your Holiness. Awesome speech.")
Avangi, as a native speaker, what was your feelings when you heard it? Funny, awkward, silly etc?
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New2grammarwhat was were your feelings when you heard it?
I know this was addressed to Avangi, but I'll comment on it anyway in the meantime.
It struck me as incongruous. The way ... deep emotions elicits an atmosphere of seriousness. awesome is such a common and overused word that it creates an atmosphere of triviality. The two feelings don't mix well.
Perhaps a substitute for awesome that has the required gravitas is masterful.
I debated that for a moment. Though were agrees with feelings, it contradicts with the singular what.
In those cases you need to think in terms of what the answer will be. Emotion: wink

What were your feelings?
My feelings were ...
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New2grammar the singular what.
Hi, New2
I think when what and who function as subjects, a singular verb follows.
It's just my opinion.
Thank you all.
Got it.
Thanks, CJ.

LiJ, are you saying I should use was? CJ thinks otherwise. I may not fully understand the idea of what/who as subject.
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