What is the weiredst thing that's even happened to you?
If you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine!
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Dear Wistiti,

I was born.

Kind regards,
For me, realising that not thinking about it is the only way to continue flying.
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Dear Goldmund,
Maybe that's the weirdest thing for those who are around you?

But I was thinking of more worldly things.
Dear Wistiti,

I do not understand: what is the weirdest thing?

Have a nice evening,
Oh, Goldmund, I was just joking! (perhaps it was not funny at all... Emotion: sad )
I meant, maybe You are the weirdest thing for people around you?
But as I've just said, it's only a joke, forgive me if I hurt your feelings.

BTW: Why do you find your being born weird?
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Dear Wistiti,

You do not need to worry. It was my joke to pretend I did not understand your joke!

Yes, it was weird to be born. I had not expected it.

Have a nice day,
And how has it felt since then?

(Goldmund: "weirder and weirder"

Wistiti: "can you expand on that?"
And how has it felt since then?

(Goldmund: "weirder and weirder")

Wistiti: "can you expand on that?"
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