I need to translate some formal documents into Spanish and I really have a pain in the neck trying to interpret the next ideas:

"back-in notice"
"back-in payment"
"Back-in interest"
"back-in right"

The actual text:

Following the date of receipt of the Discovery

Notice, AA shall have a period of ninety (90) business days to elect (the "Back-In
Right") to earn back from BB, a 35% interest in the Property (the "Back-In
Interest"). In order to earn the Back-In Interest, AA shall, within the aforementioned
ninety (90) business day period, provide BB with written notice of its intention to earn

the Back-In Interest (the "Back-In Notice") and, concurrently with the delivery of such
notice, pay to BB an amount equal to 35% of the BB Discovery Expenditures (the

"Back-In Payment").

Could you please help me on how I can interpret the above mentioned expressions?



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Can you please provide the context where you encountered these, in the form of a sentence or even a paragraph?
In English, if possible.

Are you sure your English phrases are translated correctly? Or could it be, for example, a "back payment"?

Best wishes, Clive
I have found a few references on line. I advise to you consult an attorney in the correct interpretation.
Generally it applies to sale of oil or mineral rights.
Suppose Company A owns the rights to explore for oil or gold, and is selling those rights to Company B. But if Company B is wildly successful in finding minerals, gold, oil, Company A wants to be able to "get back in", that is to reclaim a percentage of what it sold to Company B and get a piece of the action. All the terms and conditions are complicated, and exactly spelled out in the contract.
Here is a specific example:

Avion Resources Corp.today announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell 50% of its interest in the Segala gold project located in Mali, West Africa to Dynamite Resources Inc.

Avion Resources shall be entitled to re-purchase from Dynamite a 20% interest in the Segala property (the "Back-in Right"), so that it holds an aggregate 60% interest in the property, in consideration for a cash payment .... etc.

I interpret that the "back-in right" is the right that Company B grants to COmpany A as part of the sales contract.
The "Back-in notice" is a formal letter company A sends to Company B if it wants to exercise the right.
The other terms, interest, payment are the terms associated with the "back-n right" being exercised.