I have had considerable difficulty in finding the origins of the word "Province" and having stumbled across this forum would like to ask if any of you know of the origin or where I can find it keeping in mind that I have already scoured the internet looking for such. Now someone has told me that the word province was first used to identify land that was given to bishops but I could not find any information to back this up. Can anyone help me out here?

As you probably know, the word province is from the Latin provincia which originally meant 'territory outside Italy'
I couldn't find any further info.
I found this in my favourite on-line etmology site:

province - early 14c., from L. provincia "territory under Roman domination," usually explained as pro- "before" + vincere "to conquer."

Provincial "countrified" first recorded 1755.

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http://www.etymonline.com /
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'Territory outside Italy', or 'conquered territory' according to Collins.
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