Hi friends , as you know , the word ( right ) has many meanings , most of them are clear to me , but when it comes with some verbs I found it difficult to get the precise meaning of that phrase or sentence . What I mean with my speach is when it comes in these phrases : right now , right there ,,, why do't we just say : now or there ( only ) ?

Please explain to me clearly and show me some examples , I would be grateful for your reply .

thank you .

with my best regards , Azooz79
right ahead/behind/below/above/before/next to/down/up/through/away/to/from/on top of etc.
Dear Azooz,

In such examples «right» means «precisely». It is an intensifier.

Kind regards, Emotion: smile

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Thank you very much , but could you give me more examples , please ?
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Thanks a lot Mister Micawber
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