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My brother is working in an American company in Dubai. A couple of days back he submitted a leave application to the General Manager of that company to allow him to come to his native place, India to attend his cousin's marriage. But the secretary to the General Manager, who is a native English speaker commented that his wording is archaic. But I think that my brother's leave application is OK as it is. I am giving it here for your kind perusal. I'd like to get your opinion on this.

This is the body of my brother's leave application:

"My cousin's marriage is on 01st May 2021. I wish to go to India to participate in that function. So kindly grant me leave for 9 days starting from 25th April 2021. I am planning to book my ticket in a couple of days. I request you to approve my leave at the earliest.
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anonymouswedding (which would have been more natural than "marriage"

Agreed, but even so we may need to recognize that "marriage" is the traditional term in Indian English, and for a reason. The OP can verify, but I don't think they use the word "wedding" at all. The nine days also seems to signify a cultural difference. It seems to me that "marriage" in that part of the world signifies more than just the wedding ceremony itself as other rituals and/or celebrations may be involved, but again, the OP would have to confirm or deny my speculations.


Sir, Thanks a lot.
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Thanks a lot.
CJ Sir, I understand. Thanks a lot.