To my way of thinking, the following use of “yourself” and “myself” is wrong and sounds really clumsy:

A. This morning I sent a reply to yourself.

A. This morning you sent a reply to myself.

Surely these should be:

B. This morning I sent a reply to you.

B. This morning you sent a reply to me.

My dictionary says something like this (from memory) under its entry for “yourself”:

- (a) used as the object of a verb or preposition when this is the same as the subject of the clause and the subject is the person or people being addressed. (b) used by way of emphasis as in, “You do it yourself.”

The use as in A. seems to have completely swamped the use as in B., so that I no longer hear B. I feel exceedingly uncomfortable with this, almost to the point of finding it annoying. Is this irritation misplaced?


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You're right Doug, it is incredibly annoying.

People often do it when they're trying to sound intelligent - like policemen and women on 'Booze Britain' TV programmes and the like, they do it all the time!

You're absolutely right. That usage is absolutely wrong! Don't feel uncomfortable, feel angry.
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