Is there any difference?
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Theoretical is something that exists only in theory, not practical.

If something is hypothetic, it is based on assumptions (the mother of...).

IMO, they overlap to a large extent
It's actually the opposite. There is a large misconception regarding the word 'theory':

Theoretical means that something is proven and is a fact.
Hypothetical means that something is a guess, or has not been proven.

In science, a hypothesis comes before a theory. First a hypothesis is formulated, and then tested. After it is tested, and proven, it becomes a theory.

For example, Special Relativity has been proven, therefore it is the Theory of Special Relativity, not the Hypothesis of Special Relativity.

The confusion with the real definition of the word "theory" is often because of terms such as "it's just a theory" or "it's only a theory", as though the word was a synonym for 'guess'. These terms should really be "it's just a hypothesis" and "it's only a hypothesis".
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Hypothetical is when a subject or idea is in the thought phase.

It becomes theoretical when a method developes by which it can be tested for its validity.
Actually that's not quite right - scientific theories cannot be 'proven' to be true, only proven to be false.

A theory like Special Relativity is one which has been tested many times without proving it false, therefore there is a lot of confidence in it's validity - but no-one can be completely, 100% certain that it is true.

So a theory could be any idea - it does not have to have any proof at all - but a Theory has probably been tested many times and still stands.
Good distinction! Well said.
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This is somewhat incorrect. You're correct that a hypothesis comes prior to a theory, however, for the sake pedantry, you cannot prove a scientific theory. Why? Because the scientific community adheres to the notion that there is always evidence that we haven't uncovered which could change everything. For example, Newton once had a theory regarding gravity. Einstein came along and provided a better working model - the General Theory of Relativity. Now quantum mechanics is trying to find a better understanding of the gravitational force. So, theoretically speaking, your theory is incorrect. Emotion: big smile
Theory is not proof of anything!
A scientific theory is just saying that a majority of scientists believe it to be true. A Black Hole is a scientific theory, but no one has proven they exist or if and what they are.
Actually it goes in this order: Hypothesis > Theory > Law. Once a theory is proven it is referred to as a "Law."
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