Dear teachers ,

I don't understand the phrase in bold in the following passage. Please help me understand it :

" .....The increase in population, however, has led to overcrowding in many cities .This puts a strain on schools and hospitals, as well as water and electricity supplies.Increased pollution is another unpleasant result.

There is also a human side to this tragedy . Families sometimes have to live apart .In these cases , children may live at home with relatives , while their parents go and live in an urban area......."

What are the meanings of " put a strain on " and " There is also a human side to this tragedy ." ?

Thank you in advance
Hi. 'Strain' is another word for stress or tension. So this means that because of the overcrowding in cities, the school and hospitals and other service providers are finding it difficult to provide the services needed.
To say there is a 'human side' simply refers to the aspect of the problem that affects humans/people. The result of the problem is that families are separated.
Thank you very much teacher. I got it.