There are things in life
That will make you cry,
And it's times like these
When you barely get by.
There are people in life
Who will make it hard,
There are times when you'll feel
Like you're on your guard.
But up in the sky,
The stars shine brightly,
Over your sorrows
And all through the night.
Upon those stars,
The angels watch
And guide us through
Life's thoughest parts.
They make us laugh
And dry our tears,
They rlease our anger
And calm our fears.
There are angels amongs us
When you're feeling blue,
And when you feel alone,
They come to you.
They pick you up
And hold your hand,
They understand.
So the sadder you get
And the worse you feel,
Always remember,
Angels are there.
Thank you for this beautiful poem. It's just what I needed to read.
No matter how stressed you feel
once you left the beauty
of the warmth
of the sun
work their magic on you
you will begin
to wind down
to relax
Pray God to be with you
for his absence
leaves with you nothing
to drink
to quieten
your soul.
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Your poem is very touching. It's obvious that it comes from your heart and, my guess, also from your experience. It is full of emotion, and your words are packed with meaning. I hope you will continue to share your poems and feelings and experiences with us. The more you write, the better you will become. I was touched by your words.
you are very welcome. you know I'm just a little girl of age 15 that I don't have any parent that I can called someone mom and dad. It was 11 years that I haven't known my parents. But I just want to tell you is you very welcome.