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What does it mean by 'there goes the neighbourhood'? I 've googled this term and although there were a lot of hits, there doesn't seem to be a definition.

The context: I came across this phrase in a newspaper editorial. It's the title for an editorial on regional issues, specifically the recent coup in Fiji.


Thank you


"There goes the neighbourhood" probably originated in the United States about 50 or 60 years ago. It indicates a change in the social environment. It can be used in two ways.

First, it can be a joke. You own a home in a poor residential area. Somebody builds an expensive store or large residential complex. The price for which you may sell your house has just trebled. You say, "There goes the neighborhood."

Second, it can be derogatory. You own a home in a wealthy or exclusive all-white neighborhood. The first black family ever to be seen in this area buys a home near you. You predict home prices will fall. You say, "There goes the neighborhood."

Thanks for replying Dee. The phrase sure does have a very interesting meaning. I can now see why the author chose this as the title.

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I just saw it used in the Watermelon Man which was filmed in 1970...

was also curious as to its origins