As far as a forum is concerned, it is near perfectionEmotion: smile. I can't pinpoint where it is needed for improvement but I somehow got confused when I first came in.
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Hitchhiker, have you read?
Why confused whl626?
Well, I should have said a little confused in posting a message. I put it down to my inexperienced in forum sort of thingEmotion: smile.
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Ah, I see.
Hi back (for your 'hi' on voice message)
I like the etymology part in your page. Can you add the origin of the word and the phonetic symbols to know how to pronounce? it can avoid a step , to use the dictionary, lazy here Emotion: sad
Hi whl626, welcome to the forums and thanks for your comments..

I hope to add a help section soon, with screenshots etc. It will help ease any confusion people experience.

Elena: Yes, that would seem to be a logical progression, perhaps we can answer with voice clips (built into the forums).. Meanwhile I'll try and find a good phonetic dictionary in database form, or we'll try and integrate with a 'known' website.
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screenshots? What do you mean? The phonetic dictionary sounds impressive. All this sounds fab, if you teach us how to use it.
Well, I believe adding an edit button for people to correct their spelling or grammar mistakes, if they should find out later would be very welcoming, hitch ! I guessEmotion: smile What do you think ?
Maj: It will be self-explanatory.

whl: Yep, self moderation, I can't do that yet. I'm dying to! But it requires an update that's not yet available.. soon soon!
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