has tons of free, educational videos for ESL or native English speakers. It's a fun and easy way to improve your language skills.
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Thanks a lot, learninghelp.
But it appears that the categories to learn are quite limited (quite basic). Do you know any kind of onlinelearning where members can talk to each other easily or discuss about issues of common interest. I really want to improve speaking English especially with native speakers through Internet.
Share with me, please!
i suggest game for easy ways to memorize English words
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The one I use is / it's a language exchange site where you can talk to native speakers.
That's great! Do you offer short courses? I'm planning ta take up a language course to improve my communication skills.
There are lots of good places that offer courses online. Have you thought about learning English with native speakers via Skype? Contact me if you're interested Emotion: smile.
Best regards,
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The site is more about practising with a native speaker and helping others with the language you know, I find it very good Emotion: smile
Hey, you can try How do you do? - it's a site for finding conversation partners and practicing speaking English and other languages via text and video chat - it's free and you can make friends with people from all over the world there Emotion: smile
Not only English we can learn anything that we want from the online educational services being provided now which is a blessing for us students who face troubles in academics. We can get fast online degrees from these online colleges and universities and make our academic careers bright!
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