1 The public Rooms of the city of British can give you a chance
2 to imagine the fashion social life of the late 18th century
3 when English novelist Jane Austen was a visitor
4 The annual Arts Fair, hold in late May,
5 features top drama,comedy,opera and ballet,
6 with a number of pieces
7 written particularly for the Royal Theatre staging.
8 If one have time to spend at leisure,pubs,brasseries,
9 smart and casual discos with the best in living music complete the picture
10 If you visit Bath for longer than day or two
11 you should take a trip to Bristol,also
12 This once busy a seaport,from where John Cabot
13 set out for the North America in 1947,
14 stays an important city with
15 plenty of historic interest and a lively arts scene.

Spot the mistakes !
1 2
My supposition :

1 - the chance
2 - fashionable
3 - correct
4 - correct
5 - the top drama
6 - numbers
7 - correct
8 - have a time
9 - completed
10 - a day
11 - too
12 - ones
13 - correct
14 - correct
15 - historical
1 - the chance NO
2 - fashionable YES
3 - correct YES
4 - correct NO
5 - the top drama NO
6 - numbers NO
7 - correct NO
8 - have a time NO (right place in the line though)
9 - completed NO
10 - a day YES
11 - too YES. MAYBE.
12 - ones NO
13 - correct NO
14 - correct NO
15 - historical YES
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1- in city of Bath
4 - holds
5 correct
6 - the number
7 - theatral
8 - had time but i don't know why ?
9 I have to give up here !
12 - I can not comprehend the sense of the sentence. I know every separate word but can see the point at all.
13 - Maybe set out for North America - but I am completely unsure
14 - stayed
1-- NO. What?!! You changed 'British' to 'Bath'! What is the precise original line, please?
4-- NO. 18th century, Max!
5-- Yes.
6-- NO, 'a number'.
7-- That's not a word. 'Stage'.
8-- NO. 'One' is third person singular.
9-- live music!
12- It is a 'once busy' seaport, i.e. no longer busy. No article before 'seaport'.
13- Yes. North America is a proper noun.
14- NO. This is a vocabulary error; it should be 'remains'.

the original sentence is
1.The Public Rooms of city of Bath can give you a chance - and I really don't know where the mistake is ! Maybe can - could
6.piece - Maybe I confused myself with a great number because I think that a number means many but after deep thinking I understand that it maybe wrong !Emotion: smile
7.How can I be so stupid !!! It must be stage of course Emotion: sad
8. has time ! It seems easy when somebody show it to you !
9. live music - ok ! to be quite frank I must admit that I havn't heard about such music. Could you explain what means live music - maybe music which is singed alive ?
12. once replace 'a' but I couldn't see it . How pity.

thank you very much !
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1-- the city of Bath.
4-- Right, but I was wrong about the past-- it happens every year, and it's passive!
6-- NO. This line is correct as originally written
7-- yes
8-- yes
9-- live music is performed by live musicians; it is not recorded music
12- 'This once busy seaport' is correct.
Thank you very much for your help but as always there is something unclear to my mind and this is in line 4 - we must use "is held" - ok ?! But if it doesn't happen every year - what then ?I think we must use use again passive but not present passive. What do you think?
Dea Maxmouse,

«which is held in late May»

Best wishes,
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