There has recently been much legal wrangling over the issue of communication between teachers and students via social media sites, in particular on Facebook. Some people believe that a teacher should not be his or her students’ Facebook friend. To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

In the era of cutting-edged technology, millions of people have been connected together, including teachers and students via social network, especially on Facebook. Some people feel that there should not be any interaction between a teacher and his student on Facebook. Personally, I totally disagree this notion and this writing is going to thoroughly explain the reasons for my viewpoint.

On the one hand, Facebook is regarded as an effective tool for both teachers and students to maximise their efficiency in learning. In fact, young learners recently spend a vast amount of free time on Facebook. Therefore, this would offer them opportunities to discuss the unanswered questions with teachers everytime they find it hard to finish the difficult tasks. Also, students areable to contact with teachers through video calls, thus enabling both to teach and learn directly without meeting in person. Moreover, the monotonous order of a classroom often brings a sense of frustration, unlike the lively Facebook background, which gives more motivation for students and their instructors to exchange information .

On the other hand, opponets of this view may argue that students consider Facebook as their diaries and post whatever they ponder on social netwoking sites, which pose a dire threat to the relationships with their teachers. However, this is not always true. Obviously, students are wise enough to control their accounts and let a certain number of people see their posts. In addition, allowing teachers to read what they have concerned about may give teachers an insight into students’ mentality. Accordingly, they would understand each other better after a process of interacting in a virtual society. Based on this, instructors are more likely to treat their students in a right way and resolve mutual problems leading to the misunderstanding, thus knowing each other comprehensively.

In light of this, study efficiency and relationship augmentation are among those advantages of adding teachers on students’ friendlists on social networks. Though there may be arguments that this would destroy the relationship, it would be best for both to manage their accounts and turn Facebook into a friendly community.


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