Dear Mr. Victor

I'm writing to bring to your attention some issues with on the last Monday, you asked your staff to give a good deal of advice about the reception area on account of nowadays visitors make many complaints about this area at our company. Therefore, you asked for some proposes of improving. I would like to suggest various solutions for these problems. Firstly, the way I see it, customers've gone to the company because maybe they have diverse feedback such as qualities of products that we produce, services, the price of these items or meet someone, but while the receptionists must finish the task which is listened to ideas and requirements of visitors and give them the direction or the responses. Staffs in reception area tend to communicate with visitors in the bad ways. For example, they have lack of respects and zeal, or they are impolite when they talk to customers. Consequently, the company is liable to loses numerous customers if this condition continues happening.

The reception area is especially important because this place receives and solves all information from visitors as well as provides, supports information, solves timely the complaints and bring for customers the most satisfaction.

Here is the way to improve these problems, you are able to gather the feedback from customers about receptionists and give them to the leader of reception's part. As a result, the leader will have due solutions to improve this area.

Faithfully Martin


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