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I was looking for this poem because my teacher also gave it to me withought the title so I was looking around because i had hw on it and I forgot my copy in school so i searched it on google and after i read your's I found it on line for a teachers guide and I think that Rosemry Conroy wrote it because his name was on the top of the guide next to a picture. I am going to check at www.poetry.com and will report to you as soon as I can.

Since I am going to have to go and e-mail you again i'll write myself down as the deep pink rescuer.
The poem isn't about Jews or the Holocaust. It's about Macarthyism and the Communist witch hunts of the 1950s.
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It's very ironic that I came across this because I am looking for it, too. We watched the video "The Hangman" in my Advanced Reading class and I loved it. I googled "The Hangman Poem" and this came up. By the way, it's by Maurice Ogden. Thanks! -SP
My English Professor introduced me to this poem recently. At first, I thought the poem was weird, however, I started looking up the poem on the Internet and found one website which explained the background and why it was written. The name of the poem is “Hangman”, by: Maurice Ogden.
It is published in the Facing History and Ourselves resource book "Holocaust and Human Behavior." You can find it online at facing.org if you go to Resources and Resource Books.

They cite "Regina Publications" as the only publishing info for the poem. I am using this poem to accompany The Crucible this week in English class ... it's something I still remember watching over 15 years ago when I took Sunday School classes ...
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The name of the poem is Hangman by Maurice Ogden
The poem is called "Hangman" by Maurice Ogden

My English teacher read it too for review of the Holocaust
this is one of my favorite poems. it's right up there with "jabberwocky", "the raven", and "annabell lee" in my mind. does anyone know where I can find the video of it online. my mom hadn't even heard of the poem until I read it to her, and I want to show her the video too.
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Yeah, the poem is called The Hangman by Maurice Ogden (I hope I spelled that right). Our English teacher had us read it, too.
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