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The poem is called "The Hangman" and it was written by Maurice Ogden.
its called "The Hangman". i'm sorry but i dont know who it was by. my english teacher read it to me too
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I totally love this poem too:) Even though everyone was like 'what?' when we heard that for first time, I caught the meaning right away. And I heve never read anything that good before, I mean talking about staying quiet whan you should stand up for sometnig. And another thing is, it is not just about the Jew being quit when whoever got killed and then it was their turn. It is rather about EVERYONE during WWII, because there were lot of like French or Polish people who were ignorants for what was happening. I say 'a lot of them' but I should have said 'some' . I just do not want to offend anyone. I know that these were hard times and there still were so many good people:) So do not miss understood the poem, because even though it was written about WWII, it can be associated with many dates in history
This is by Ogden Nash I believe. Hope that helps
The poem is simply called "The Hangman," and it's by Maurice Ogden.
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Khoff I would disagree with your teacher's suggestion that it showed the mentaility of most Jewish people during WWII, who mostly kept their heads down and avoided trouble in the hopes that it'll just stop on it's own. I think it shows the mentality of the "regular" people, who did not protest as long as the victims were "others" - foreigners, Jews, etc.

I agree that the poet should have meant that....I hope he did, for I think it is a much better lesson, as your poetic example is.
I remember when I was in grade school, a teacher brought a video to class called "The Hangman". It was a cartoon, but it was very dark, disturbing, moross thng done in not quite colorless greys. The whole cartoon was done in a poem. It was all very morbid I even thought back then. I'm in my 40s now and still remember the hangman, barely more than a shadow with eyes, killing the people of this town one by one untill they were all gone except one man whom the hangman told he was going to be hanged for not stopping the hangman from killing everyone else.

Wow, what a messege for a bunch of 5th graders! Ive never seen it again since, but would like to find a copy of that cartoon.
The poem is "The Hangman" by Maurice Ogden
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Thanks so much for putting the poem on here, I had to write a paper on this and was having problems finding it. by the way it is an awesome poem
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