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AnonymousI remember when I was in grade school, a teacher brought a video to class called "The Hangman". It was a cartoon, but it was very dark, disturbing, moross thng done in not quite colorless greys. The whole cartoon was done in a poem. It was all very morbid I even thought back then. I'm in my 40s now and still remember the hangman, barely more than a shadow with eyes, killing the people of this town one by one untill they were all gone except one man whom the hangman told he was going to be hanged for not stopping the hangman from killing everyone else.

Wow, what a messege for a bunch of 5th graders! Ive never seen it again since, but would like to find a copy of that cartoon.
I ran across a copy of this on a Betamax tape and digitized it. I'll encode and upload it to Youtube some time this week; search for it there some time soon.
are you calling me a coward? becuase, I, being the courageous person that i am would be the one to shout MURDER! SHAME! I dont like this peom and i wouldnt dare to embrace it either. so RAWR
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Could you possibly tell me the name of movie that was based on Hangman by Maurice Ogden?

Thanks in advance for all of your help.
The Hangman by Maurice Ogden
Its by Muarice Ogden called "Hangman"
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Maurice Ogden. There's info on the poem in Wikipedia.
Miss Lynch?
yes. today i had my first grade nine english exam and we had to connnect the poem to parts it "To Kill a Mockingbird",Shakespear's "merchant of venice" and "Aushwitz" it is an absolutly amazing poem.
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The Hangman
by Maurice Ogden