Could anyone please explain, what does "there wasn’t anything worth getting" means? Can I say like this? "there wasn't anything worthwhile"

◆ How did you do at the auction?" "We really struck out – there wasn’t anything worth getting."

Hasibrahmanthere wasn’t anything worth getting."

We did not see anything on offer that interested us.

For example, you collect sports memorabilia. The auction just had kitchen appliances and you don't need or want anything for the kitchen.

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Can I say it? "there wasn't anything worthwhile"
Hasibrahman"there wasn't anything worthwhile"


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HasibrahmanCould anyone please explain [no comma] what does [no 'does'] "there wasn’t anything worth getting" means?

As shown. The underlined portion is an indirect question. (It's embedded inside another sentence.)

The corresponding direct question is

What does "there wasn't anything worth getting" mean?

Note that the word order is different between direct questions and indirect questions.


Wow! Thanks for that 😇. CJ, could you please suggest me some articles about punctuations? Sometimes I get so confused about their proper using.
Hasibrahmancould you please suggest me [no 'me'] some articles about punctuations punctuation? [uncountable noun]

As shown.

The problem is not punctuation so much. It's just that you don't put a comma before an indirect question. But you can easily find hundreds of articles on punctuation in general by Googling 'punctuation English'.

The problem has more to do with how to write a direct question and especially how to write an indirect question.

There are also websites for this, but you can get most of the basics by reading this post on our forum:

Question about question


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